God’s Timing

Wow it has been a while since my last post. I have taken somewhat of a break from blogging, and I am slowly now bringing it back.  Our lives/routine at the Kaske house have changed. Its a good change, but I was unsure of it at first. Kevin and I have been watching a child on and off from the time she was born, she has become part of our family.We came to a very hard decision that we needed to stop watching her. At the end of this month we will no long be taking care of her in the afternoons. We will miss her greatly, but we feel this is the best for our family.

We also have been mulling over the idea, if I should get back out in the workforce. We came to a decision that it would be a good idea, so I knew what I wanted to do. We went to work on letters of recommendation, updating the resume. I put my application back out there in the school system. I wanted to be a para/ sub para again. It wold be perfect for us, the hours were what we needed and the pay is nice. I talked to who I needed to talk to. I have done this a few years before my daughter was born, so I thought things would go smoothly life before. I waited and waited no call no response. I was getting down and feeling like I was not good enough. I prayed and said I really want a job, so I can contribute to the family financially. I kinda gave up on the job thing.

One morning Marlene and I were in the mall getting our morning coffee. My sister was there and with her was another lady. I was getting ready to walk out the store when my sister came up and said I have a question for you. I said ok. She asked if I was still looking for a job. I said sure, and she introduced me to the manager of Bath and Body Works. We talk and she said she was looking for day hours not full time and if I am interested stop by when the mall opened and put up a application. I stopped by and chatted with her more about the job. It would be day hours, willing to work around my schedule. I was feeling great. Long story short I got the job I work day hours, no Sundays. I thank God for this job. I feel it was straight from him. I didn’t want to work retail again, but God had other plans. I know its not a super high paying job, but its a job I love and a blessing. I also have to say thank you to my sister Amanda for telling her about me.

I am feeling super blessed, and I am loving the the new changes that have taken place in our lives and in our house. God’s Timing is PERFECT!


Our Weekend

Friday was welcomed with open arms. It was a busy, busy week, with kids starting school and nailing down our new school year schedule. I was exhausted!  Kevin and I put a date on the calender for a trip to my parents to celebrate a belated birthday for Calli J on Saturday. A few days before our trip I was in a car wreck( everyone is ok) so with that we didn’t want to drive it to far out of town. Instead my family came to our house. I was looking forward to the visit and company with them. It was a peaceful Saturday with yummy food and presents.


The table set, and ready for eats and conversations







Calli J opening her Brave doll









Calli J taking Merida with her shopping







When the party was done and everyone left, we went out and started a fire in our fire pit. The kids roasted marshmallows and we just sat and enjoyed a fire and laughs. It really was a great Saturday.









After a great weekend I’m heading into a busy week refreshed, with a clear mind ready to tackle the things that come, even though I know I have a lot to deal with with the van getting fixed and other stuff, somehow I’m at peace, and it feels great.






Calli J’s First Day of School

Today was Calli’s first day of kindergarten. She was beyond excited. She was the first one up in our house this morning, saying I’m ready to go to school. We pulled into the parking lot, she hopped out of our van, and ran into school.

The time has flown by so fast I can’t believe she is already 4. I am in amazement at how much she has grown. She has such a lively and outgoing personality. I love it.

When I picked her up she ran to me and gave me a hug and I just melted. I missed her so much, and she was gone a little over 2 hours. She told me about her day and what she had start learning. It made me very proud. As she goes through the rest of the year I pray that God keeps his hand on her and protect her. I pray also that her light will shine in this dark world. I am so proud oh her.

C’s First Day of School

C started his First day of First grade yesterday.( WOW where has the time gone) He was so excited that he had a hard time falling asleep Monday night.

This year is a big change for him. He is now staying all day not just half days. C had a great day at school as well, He is figuring out how to work in his paces, score his work, and how to work the flags when he needs to score his work or needs help.

As a mom I missed him so much yesterday, he was on my mind all day. I know he is in good hands and I have nothing to worry about, but I can’t help it, that’s just who I am. He is letting me know that he is getting bigger and wanting to do more on his own. I am glad for this, but sad that it is all happening so fast. I am taking it one day at a time 😉 We will figure it all out. Tomorrow my baby girl starts Kindergarten!

Our Labor Day Weekend

The last long weekend before school starts was a much needed time with family and just being with each other and enjoying ourselves before the hectic school year began.

FRIDAY: We got up got ourselves ready for the day, and headed out the door for a day of errands and life. Was super excited when Kevin got off work early. We spent the evening as a family playing games and being together.

        SATURDAY: A day all four of us were looking forward to. We had the cooler packed with yummys. Swimsuits and towels were packed and ready to be put on. We headed out with family/friends for a day on the water with the boat. C’s and Calli’s first time on a boat. They had a blast. It was a day to laugh, play in the water and relax, and it was just that. Perfect.  After a wonderful day on the water we ended it being burnt, but relaxed. It will be a day that will stick with us for a long time.













SUNDAY: Was a day at church. We spent the morning in the presents of God. That afternoon was PJ’s and naps. It was peaceful. That evening was spent in church for our evening service.  I love our time at church. Time to be with God and reconnect with the saints we don’t see through the week.

MONDAY: It was just a nice day at home. We had no agenda just kinda did what we wanted. Kevin and I had time to just sit and talk about nothing, and be together. We also talked about the up coming school year, and what changes we needed to implement into our daily lives, and the kids routines. Looking over Friday-Monday. I was rested and left with a clear mind and smile.

A Date Night

With his busy work schedules, and my day to day agenda, and the kids schedules, date nights have been pushed to the back.  We were having a conversations about a few different things, and it came up, so we put it on the calendar, and found babysitting. Date night was set, and I was excited. I was excited to be with just him without any distractions. The evening came and we slipped into nice going out cloths, dropped the kids off and we were off on our evening out.









We had reservations, but we were early so we got to walk around an listen/watch the street music that was being played downtown and we did a little shopping. So peaceful and nice to hold the love of my life hand and just talk about nothing. It was just nice to be, to be together and to take each other in.

We sat down to eat and it was wonderful, to sit across from him at a small table nothing that needed to be discussed or thought over. It was great. As the night came to a close. I felt more at peace and relaxed.  We walked back to our van just laughing and talking about the evening. The one thing we learned is we will not be pushing date night back anymore;)

A Day Just for You

This is one day late, but better late than never;) Four years ago today you were placed in my arms at 7:26pm in a Mayo Clinic room. At that moment I knew I we were meant to be. You were so beautiful. Our family of three was now four. Each and every year you have grown in many different ways. As I look at you now, now 4 years old my hearts pray is that your father and I, and even C will be Godly examples for you. I pray that God will watch over you, and protect you through the walk of life. You are a beautiful girl. Always remember that we love you from the bottom of our hearts! Happy Birthday!

102 years ago

Happy Birthday Papa, if you were still with us today you would be 102 years old. I have missed you every day since your passed from this life into your heavenly reward. I will never forgot all the wonderful times and memories we had together. You were such a great example to me, and taught me so many things in life.

You were there for me when my childhood was rocky and you helped me to  understand why I was not wanted by my parents. You helped me through the hurts and scared times of growing up and learning new things. Thanks for teaching me to fish, plant gardens, how to ride a riding lawn mow, how to drink black coffee( i still drink coffee to this day), how to ride my pink mo pad,  and to feed and water the chickens.  Thanks you! I will never forget you, I love you so much! I was and still am blessed to have you in my life! Today is your day, I love you and Happy 102!




Thoughts of You on This Day July 23rd

I am now just getting a chance to blog and pour my heart out . It was quite a few years ago, I was about 12, and it was a very warm day in the afternoon, and me and my papa was mowing the grass.  The yard was mowed and everything was finished up that needed to be taken care of outside. We were all inside and you were sitting at the table eating your favorite snack bread and milk. Your leg was hurting so you took it off so your nub could rest.

I remember it was like yesterday, I was upset with you like any other 12 year old, I remember it so clear you called mama nanny over cause you said you were not feeling well, you felt funny. She came over push you into the living room in your wheelchair, and in a split second you were gone. I was screaming at you to wake up, I kept calling your name over and over, but you were gone.

We heard one last breath and with a smile you had left us.

July 23rd was a very very sad day in our lives!  You have been gone for so long, but you have always been in my thoughts and in my heart. You thought me so many things. I remember planting veggie gardens with you EARLY in the morning, getting up before the sun and go fishing with you. I loved those moments and I still do to this day. Those memories will last for forever. I wish everyday that you were here to see how I have grown and see the wonderful Godly man I married ( you would be proud papa) I also have two beautiful children that you would adore and do the things you did with me with them if you were still here.

I have not always walked the path that you thought me, and I have lost my way more times than I can count, but I remember you taking me to church and teaching me the right way to live. The only way to get to heaven. I just wanna say thank you for loving me, teaching me all that you thought me, and most of all thanks for being a Godly example in front of me.

You are the best est papa in the world and I love you very much!

A Day Celebrating You

Six years ago at 5:45 this am you were placed in my arms for the first time. We had waited 9 long months for you, and you were finally here. It took you 18 hours, and lots of worrying and tears for us to meet your cute face, but in that moment you were everything I had hoped that you would be.

Over the last six years you have grown in so many ways and we have grown together.  You are a wonderful caring, and the most tenderhearted little guy I know. Your dad and I have loved every minute of our six years together, and looking forward to many, many more birthdays with you. We love you so much C and know that you are so special and God loves you so much. Always put Him first and there is nothing that you can’t do. Happy Birthday my tiger boy. We are so proud of you!